Hong Kong Report

Toward the end of February 2016 a small team of us headed to Hong Kong for a weekend of music ministry. The team for this trip was Philip Percival, Trevor Hodge and Alanna Glover (myself). The trip was hosted by three churches: St. Andrews Kowloon, Shatin church and Ambassador. Despite our time being brief our three day schedule was packed allowing us to see over 1200 people over the various events.  

We managed to squeeze in one short morning of sightseeing around Hong Kong and particularly enjoyed a ride up the cable car up to the Peak which gave us a great vantage point to look out over the city. The rest of the day was spent rehearsing with two local recruits that joined us to form a fuller band and setting up for the conference the next day. 

Our Word In Song conference kicked off on the Saturday morning with around 150 attendees at St. Andrews Kowloon. We focused on the Biblical Theology of congregational singing, strong song leading/team leading seminars and how to play well in a church band. The time flew by and we were really impressed with the eagerness of those that attended - their desire to serve their churches faithfully and skilfully were so evident throughout the day. Please pray that all who attended will continue to seek to grow in their love for Jesus and their musical skills so that they can best serve their congregations. 

That evening we put on A Night With Emu - an intimate concert in which each of us shared stories about our songwriting process. This was a highlight with around 400 attendees and many, many encouraging words afterwards. We had a very impressive number of EmuPlus sign ups that evening and feel very thankful that so many wanted to partner with us in this way. Please pray that the resources we provide will be useful and encouraging to all those who joined in partnering with us in this way. 

The following morning (Sunday) the three of us split up and each went to one of the hosting churches. Our goal that morning was to spend time mentoring the musicians and help them to identify and grow in areas that were particularly challenging in their specific teams and environments. We also took these opportunities to speak to the wider church communities about the importance of solid, bible-based songs in their Sunday gatherings. We really loved getting to know each of these churches, particularly their staff and musicians, and to hear about both the exciting and challenging parts of their ministries. Please pray that they continue in their faithful teaching of the gospel and that God will be with them as they reach out to Hong Kong and face the everyday joys and challenges of church life together.  

We are so thankful for our time in Hong Kong and would love to go back and build on the teaching and training that we've done. Please keep these international opportunities in your prayers, as we are so aware that it is only by God's gracious provision that we are able to go out and serve people across the world in this way.