Christmas Service Song Ideas

It's Christmas time!

Here are some song ideas for your Christmas services. They can be played as a small or large band for an item, or arranged for a choir. We hope you enjoy them!

Come One and All, by Garage Hymnal
This is a gorgeous number for your Christmas services about the newborn Jesus: "More lovely than the angels, than the stars, this holy child / Lying here before us, sent here for us, Jesus Christ". The accompanying video can be played along if your church set up allows for multimedia displays. 
Sheet Music (free download)

Did You Know?, by Emu Music
An oldie, but a goodie! 'Tis the season to "sing out in praise / The joy of all the earth has come"!  
Audio  |  Sheet Music 

Who Would Have Dreamed, by Sovereign Grace
This song captures the mystery and wonder of God - the Word eternal - becoming man. "Who would have dreamed, or even foreseen / That we could hold God in our hands?" Here is a video of their studio session, and the links for the album audio and sheet music (free) are below.
Audio  |  Sheet Music

Unto Us, by Hillsong
I've done this as an item with two others, and also as a full choir/orchestra piece, and it's been wonderful for both ensembles. It's also just a beautiful piece to listen to and enjoy this Christmas.
Sheet Music (also on SongSelect if you have a subscription)

Noel, by Chris Tomlin
We're doing this as a choir piece this year at our church in Oxford. "Come and see what God has done / The story of amazing love / Light of the world, given for us / Noel!" What wonderful truths to be singing together.
Sheet Music (also on SongSelect if you have a subscription)

We hope you enjoy listening to and playing these songs. Merry Christmas!

Love, the Emu Team