Christmas Service Song Ideas

... and if you're anything like us, you'll be looking anxiously at your calendar, realising that your carol services are fast approaching. Don't fear! We've got some songs to recommend, not just to sing to and with your church, but to encourage your heart and mind as we remember and celebrate Jesus' birth.


Come One and All by Garage Hymnal
We posted this a couple of years ago, but it's worth a mention since it is a beautiful, singable Christmas song (and the sheet music is free here!). And as a bonus, the accompanying video can be played along if your church set up allows for multimedia displays!
He Shall Reign Forevermore by Chris Tomlin
This Christmas anthem really brings home Isaiah 9, and we particularly love this section of the bridge:
Here within a manger lies
The One who made the starry skies
This baby born for sacrifice
Christ, the Messiah
You can buy sheet music and various audio tracks here or transposable chord charts for free here. Charts are also available on SongSelect.
Majesty In a Manger by Greg Skyes
A nice little upbeat number celebrating 'the hope of our hearts'. It's a call to 'come adore Christ the Lord, His Majesty in a manger'. 
The chord chart is available free of charge here, and the lead and piano scores are available on SongSelect.


Arrival by Hillsong
We love the poetry of this song. They've captured the condescension and incarnation of Jesus in phrases like: 
Who is God that He would take our frame
The artisan inside the paint
Or breathe the very air His breath sustains
The architect inside the plan
The holy Word of God defined by name
The author climbed inside the page
It's worth just reading the lyrics (here) because they are stunning! We think this song would make a great item for a Christmas service (you may have to strip it back a bit!).
You can buy the sheet music here, or get it from SongSelect. Full the full shebang, there are orchestra charts available to purchase here.
Fill the Silent Night by Seth & Nirva
'Peace on earth! Good news, great joy! / The King is here, and all rejoice!' Great lyrics set to a singable, catchy tune. This could work really well as a duet, like the arrangement below. The chords are here, and lead and piano scores are on SongSelect too.
Have a blessed Christmas! May these songs point you to our wonderful Saviour, Jesus. 

the Emu team