Your Word
Your Word

Your Word

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1: Your word is good, it’s ever faithful
Worth more than gold, the heart’s delight
Your word gives life to all who hear and obey
Your word endures forever
2: Your word is true, it never changes
It formed the earth; sustains it still
Your word defends; providing refuge and strength  
Your word endures forever
Your word is a lamp unto my feet
Your word is a light unto my path     
For your word is my hope, it’s my joy and my song
Your word endures forever
3: Your word transforms, it lifts the humble
Rebukes the proud, protects the poor
Your word discerns the mind and spirit of all     
Your word endures forever
B: Your word is more than just letters on pages; it’s life and it's love and it's freedom for us
Your word is more than just wisdom of ages; its treasures are endless, it's always enough
Your word is more than just stories of old; it's the truth and the way and the story of love
Your word is more than just breath into dust; it’s your Son, as a man, come to dwell here with us

© 2017 Liv Chapman, Alanna Glover, Philip Percival 



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