What Is EmuPlus?

EmuPlus is a yearly subscription that gives you access to our music and resources. It's the cheapest way to purchase our albums and sheet music and ensures that you get the latest Emu releases delivered straight to your door or inbox. Sign up today and we'll send you a free copy of our most recent digital album!

Subscription Options

Your yearly subscription gets you:

  • Two new release albums (CD or digital) delivered to your home or inbox*.
  • Unlimited access to our sheet music database, allowing you to quickly print and introduce songs easily into your church.
  • A subscription to our regular EmuPlus email which includes links to resources on music ministry, unique members gifts and pre-release songs.
  • Invitations to members-only events. 

Why join?

EmuPlus is not just a subscription - it's a partnership!

Firstly, we want to build a community of people who are passionate about Biblical music ministry and are equipped to serve their churches well. EmuPlus is a network of people who share a love for music that glorifies God and honours his Word; and we are constantly thinking of new ways to help our members grow in this vital ministry.

Secondly, your partnership actually helps us to make new albums. We love music streaming as much as you do - but it doesn't pay for new music. EmuPlus subscriptions give us the confidence to finance creative projects, new songs and high-quality recordings. 

Thirdly, you will be supporting our wider work to train musicians and leaders in churches across the world. Many churches have given little thought to what the Bible says about Christian singing: how it helps shape and build our churches around Christ's Word; equipping his people for service. Your partnership allows us to encourage gospel centred singing across the globe.


Simply 'purchase' a subscription by clicking on the link below and select how you want your music to reach you. Once you purchase, you will be prompted to set up a login that will allow you to sign into our website which will give you access to sheet music and other resources. We will keep you in the loop with bi-monthly emails (we promise not to spam you!) 

*2018 EmuPlus Releases
First Release (July 2018): Emu Youth 2
Second Release (November 2018): Emu Hymns Project 
*Album releases are subject to change.