What Is EmuPlus? 

EmuPlus is a music subscription program that gives you exclusive access to our songs and sheet music. You sign up and we send you our music - easy! 

Why Join EmuPlus?

1. Join our community: signing up to EmuPlus means joining a community of Christians who are concerned about Word centred, heartfelt singing in the church. We take both music and the Bible seriously and love encouraging other Christians to do the same

2. Get new music: your partnership helps us to make better songs and albums. Practically, you are helping us to finance new creative projects with confidence. In return, we will send you our latest new songs, with high-quality recordings and resources.

3. Partner in training & resourcing: because Emu is more than just about new songs! We love showing churches what a Biblical understanding of music ministry looks like. Your partnership gives us more opportunities to teach and train musicians, pastors and service leaders around the world.

Give the gift of music! An EmuPlus subscription is a great gift for friends and family. Click on the 'this is a gift' option at check out.

What are the options?