17th August 2019
St Ebbe's Church, OX1 1QE


On August 17, Emu Music will be recording our first UK live album. We would love you to join us at the event and to sing as part of the congregation for the recording. We are excited about the opportunity to record and film a diverse group of passionate, godly, and joyful men and women singing the gospel.

Your main role is to come along and sing your heart out! To help you do this, you will receive demos of the songs a few weeks before the event. We ask that you please listen and get familiar with the songs. You will also be given lyrics on the night to use as a guide, but we hope you will be able to sing confidently.

There are ten songs on the album, and music videos will be made for five of them. If you feel nervous or uncomfortable about being filmed, please speak to us! We and the videographers will do everything we can to make you feel comfortable and normal.

As a gift for your part in the album, we would love to give you a free digital copy upon its release.
This event is invite only, so we appreciate your sensitivity in not publicising the event.

RSVP HERE by July 20.

We will be recording at St Ebbe's Church, Oxford, OX1 1QE. Please arrive at 12:30pm ready to start singing. There will be two blocks of recording with a break (including caffeine!!) in the middle. The second block of recording will including videography. We will be done by 6:30pm.


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