Partner with Emilia Pickering

Partner with Emilia Pickering

Emu Music exists to encourage and equip the church in biblical, beautiful and transformative singing. 
We rely on God's people to support us financially, and we'd love for you to partner with us in this ministry. Under God, we are aiming to reach a stage where music pays for music (through album and store sales, conferences and concerts), and Partners pay for people. 

Emilia joined the Emu Team in 2020 after graduating from King's College London where she studied music. She has been involved with Emu's ministry since 2019 as a cellist on our album recordings. Since joining the team officially, Emilia has been working on resources for melody instrumentalists and assisting with research for Emu's training conferences and materials. She is keen to develop her skills in training church musicians to be engaged in what the Bible says about music ministry, as well as song-leading and song-writing. Recently, she has also started studying for an online Diploma in Biblical Theology at Moore Theological College.

Partnering with Emilia releases her to continue serving and supporting churches and church musicians around the world. Our Partners receive regular, personalised updates and prayer requests.

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