Saturday, 7th September
St Paul's Anglican Church, Carlingford
What does the Bible say about our singing and worship? How do we play our instruments in a way that helps (and not hinders) the congregation's praise? What are the key skills needed to run a biblical music ministry? How do I create a healthy culture amongst my music team?
Join us for our annual Sydney training day for church musicians and leaders, featuring great Bible teaching and practical seminars, singing, fellowship and Q&A. Come to be equipped, challenged, resourced and excited about God's purposes for your church's music ministry.
Guest speakers: Mark Earngey teaches theology, church history and doctrine at Moore College and has co-edited the book,  Reformation Worship: Liturgies from the Past for the Present. In a previous life he was also a hip-hop artist.
Craig Hamilton is one of the ministers at Glenmore Park Anglican Church in the west of Sydney. By the time you read his responsibilities may have changed again, but he currently oversees: leadership development and strategy, small groups, welcoming and integration, children, youth, young adults, and he is also the Launch Pastor of our new church campus at Silverdale. He's also the author of both 'Wisdom in Leadership' and 'Made Man' from Matthias Media.
 We're really looking to having three of our Emu UK team join us for the day. Philip, Alanna and Liv run Word In Song Conferences in the UK, Europe, Asia and the US, and lead the singing at a number of major Christian events across the UK. You can read more about their ministry here, and listen to their music here. They will be joined by Mike Begbie, who heads up our Australia-wide training. 

9.00am: Doors and registration open
9.30am: Main Session - with Mark Earngey
11:30am: Craig Hamilton on Team MInistry
12.00pm: Lunch (BYO)
1.00pm: Seminars 1
Introduction to Biblical Music Ministry (Mike Begbie)
The Ministry of Sound (Philip Percival)
Song Leading (Alanna Glover)
What songs should we sing? (Liv Chapman)
2.15pm: Seminars 1
Music Teams (Craig Hamilton)
Church Music Masterclass (Alanna Glover & Philip Percival)
Music Admin & Copyright (Mike Begbie)
Song Writing (Liv Chapman)
3:30pm: Final Session
4.00pm: Conference Close

Introduction to Biblical Music Ministry: What does the Bible say about God's purpose for the church and our singing? Every church musician needs to understand what we are doing when we sing and how that fits into God's bigger plan for his people. We'll also aim to apply the Biblical principles to your own experience and issues.

Church Music Masterclass: In this session we aim to cover everything you’ll ever need to know about leading excellent singing in your church - whatever your church size or preferred style of music! We’ll look at how (as a music team) we give priority to the congregation’s voice, and how we can use any instrument and vocal combination to provide a creative and confident lead for the singing in your church. Helpful for everyone - musicians, vocalists, worship leaders, sound team, pastors.

 Song Leading: In many ways, the song leader is the single most important person in leading great congregational singing. We will look at the biblical basis for having a song leader, but will aim to spend most of our time on the practicalities of how to lead singing well - including mic technique, what to say, how to teach new material etc., as well offering some constructive criticism to those who are happy to stand up and have a go! Helpful for singers, worship leaders, pastors.

Music Teams: Leading a team is really complicated and there are lots of things that can go wrong. In this session we’ll step through the three fundamental relationships of leading a team and the concrete steps to take to help your team hit that next level. 

 Ministry of Sound: This session is for sound people and musicians – it is about training your ears and the practical implications of the church being called to hear God’s word: spoken and sung. We will consider how we play for different sized congregations, volume, balance, the critical mass of a space, how to self-mix, ambient sound, and how to foster good relationships between musicians, sound guys and congregation. Helpful for worship pastors, musicians, sound technicians.

What Songs Should We Sing?: Choosing songs thoughtfully and intentionally is key to an effective word-based music ministry. However, there is so much to consider when creating services week in and week out - and it can be hard to keep our focus on what is important! In this workshop we’ll think about how to create a well-rounded repertoire of songs for our church and talk through all the factors we need to consider when choosing from this list each week. We’ll also consider how style, instrumentation, lyrical content and liturgy affect our song choices. Helpful for pastors, singers, worship leaders, songwriters.

Song Writing: What makes a song work for a congregation to sing? We'll explore how to create lyrics that are true, poetic and relevant; and what musical issues are relevant to writing a corporate song. 

Music Admin & Copyright: While often hidden and less glamorous, the role of administration, communication, and planning is none-the-less vital in effective music ministry. This workshop will explore the process of song management, planning, copyright and integrating with church leadership. Using a real-life church example we will navigate through the process, systems and tools that are easy to apply to any size church. Getting on top of the admin is often half the job!

Cancellations made up to and including three weeks prior to the date of the conference will incur a $10 administrative charge. Sorry, no refunds will be given after that date.