Word In Song Masterclass:
Bible-based, personalised, practical training for your church music team.

What to expect at a Masterclass:
- Solid, clear Bible teaching about God's purposes for Christian singing and how that affects how we play, sing, serve, and lead. 
- Practical seminars chosen for and suited to your particular needs as a church and a music team. 
- A time of Q&A with the Emu team to help resolve, clarify and answer any general or specific questions and concerns regarding your music ministry.
- Singing together and fellowship.
- Follow up by one of the Emu team three months after the Masterclass to check in. 

Example schedule for an evening Masterclass:
7:00pm Masterclass begins with singing and Bible teaching
7:30pm Church music masterclass 
8:15pm Seminars
9:05pm Q&A
9:30pm End

Get in touch with Liv at liv@emumusic.com to inquire about a Word In Song Masterclass for your church music team. Please click here to download our 'Hosting a Masterclass with Emu Music' document.

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