Saturday, 12th May, 2018
St Matthew’s Shenton Park, Perth, Australia

Do you lead the music in your church, coordinate a music team, or run a band? Do you put services together or choose the songs? Do you want to learn the skills to do this in the future? We want to equip you to better facilitate great singing in your church and to lead and care for your music teams in this ministry of the Word - all to the praise of Jesus. Join us for a half-day music leadership conference; a chance to be encouraged and refreshed, to hear from the Bible, and to grow in practical skills for leading the music ministry in your church. 

We're excited to have Philip Percival and Liv Chapman coming from Oxford, UK to lead the day. Philip and Liv are part of the Emu training, songwriting, recording and ministry teams, and are leaders of the music ministry at St Ebbe's Church in Oxford. You can read more about them and their work here


9:00am Doors open
9:15am Main session 
9:50am Seminar 1
(Leading a Music Team, Songwriting)
11:00am Break  
11:15am Seminar 2 
(Song Selection, Song Leading)
12:30pm Creativity in Congregational Music 
1:30pm Finish

Leading a music team: Effective music ministry can’t happen without someone in charge. This session will look at the role of the music director, how to shape a team culture, how to shape a culture of singing in the church, how to partner with the pastor, as well thinking about your own personal holiness and development.

Songwriting: What makes a good congregational song? We'll explore how to write lyrics that are true, poetic and relevant, and what musical issues are important in writing a corporate song. 

Song Selection: In this workshop, we will think about how to create a well-rounded repertoire of songs for our church service and talk through all the factors we need to consider when choosing from this list each week. We will look at the different elements of styles, instrumentation, and lyrical content that will best help us to love and serve our congregations.

Song Leading: Many consider the song leader to be the single most important person in leading great congregational singing. We will look at the Biblical basis for having a song leader, but will aim to spend most of our time on the practicalities of how to lead singing well - including mic technique, what to say, harmonising, and how to teach new material.


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