What does the Bible tell us about our worship and singing? How do we best lead our churches in singing the praise of Jesus? And what are the practical elements involved in running a biblical music ministry? 

Join us for our Word In Song Conference in Sydney for a day of refreshment, teaching and encouragement. The day will include hearing from the Bible about God’s plan for singing within the church; sessions to personally encourage you in this unique (and not uncomplicated!) ministry; plus practical workshops for song leaders, instrumentalists, songwriters and pastors.

We are delighted to have Rob Smith and Mike Raiter opening up God's word on the day, as well as a team of musicians led by Liv Chapman.

When: 9am-4pm, Saturday August 18, 2018

Venue: MBM Rooty Hill, Sydney, NSW

9.00am: Doors and registration open
9.30am: Main Session One
11.15m: Break
11.45am: Seminars
Intro to Biblical Music Ministry
History of Christian Music
Volunteer Music Director
12.45pm: Lunch (BYO)
1.30pm: Seminars 
Song Leading
Piano & Guitar
Drums & Bass
Sound Desk
2.40pm: Main Session Two: Creativity in Congregational Music
4.00pm: Conference Close




Meet some of the team:
Featuring Liv Chapman, Mike Begbie, Mike Raiter, Jonny Catt, Rob Smith, Kester Lee, Esther Wong & James Monaghan

Seminar Descriptions:
Introduction to Biblical Music Ministry: What does the Bible say about God's purpose for the church and our singing? Every church musician needs to understand what we are doing when we sing and how that fits into God's bigger plan for his people. We'll also aim to apply the Biblical principles to your own experience and issues.

Song Leading: Many consider the song leader to be the single most important person in leading great congregational singing. We will spend our time looking at the practicalities of how to lead singing well - including vocal and mic technique, what to say, how to teach new material, harmonisation, communication with the congregation and the band, and much more.

Sound Desk: The single most important tools of the musician and sound operator are their ears. This session is about training your ears, and the practical implications of the church being called to hear God’s word: spoken and sung. We will consider volume, balance, the critical mass of a space, how we play for different sized congregations, how to self-mix, ambient sound, and the complexity of relationships between musicians, sound guys and congregation.

Songwriting: What makes a good congregational song? We'll explore how to write lyrics that are true, poetic and relevant, and what musical issues are important in writing a corporate song. 

Piano & Guitar: For many churches, the piano and the guitar are the key instruments in leading congregational singing. But often we lack the skills to turn years of lessons and exams into playing in a helpful style for church leading. We'll look at how to compliment, not compete, in the musical space, and how to best lead congregational singing together. 

Drums & Bass: What does it take to create a solid foundation for a rhythm section? The bass and drums are the 'engine room' of any church band. We will look at our roles, finding a part, locking in together, time, technical skills, playing the song, groove vocabulary and more. 

A History of Christian Music: The way we lead music in church is firstly driven by our theology, but is also influenced very much by our context and tradition. This session is not going to be a history lesson! But we will look at how Evangelical movements, leaders and musicians dealt with many of the same issues we have, and how they have shaped the way we think and practice Church music today. Big names will include Luther, Calvin, Watts, the Wesleys and more.

Volunteer Music Director: Effective music ministry can’t happen without someone in charge. But many of us land in the job - paid or not! - of music director with little experience or knowing how to take the ministry forward. This session will look at the role of the music director, how to shape a team culture, how to shape a culture of singing in the church, how to partner with the pastor, as well thinking about your own personal holiness and development.


Cancellations made up to and including three weeks prior the date of the conference will incur a $10 administrative charge. Sorry, no refunds will be given after that date.