Rock of Our Salvation

Rock of Our Salvation

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Scripture References
Old Testament - Psalm 62, Psalm 103, Isaiah 6, Isaiah 55
New Testament -
Matthew 28:16-20, Romans 8, 1 Thessalonians 4, Revelation 21

Verse 1
Have you heard the day is coming
When the things our hearts have loved
Dust and ashes ever-failing
Will be seen for what they are

Verse 2
Can you hear a voice now calling
Saying this is not the end
Come and walk new ways of blessing
And sing a new song to our Lord

Chorus 1
He’s the rock of our salvation
We will trust and be not afraid
He’s the sure and firm foundation
When every other ground gives way

Verse 3
Have you heard the condemnation
Who could pay the dreadful price
But look the silent suffering servant
Took on death to give us life

Verse 4
Can you hear the voice of splendour
Calling out whom shall I send
To be a light to every nation
Send me Lord God here I am

A new creation descends at last
All fear and loss will be no more
All grief and sorrow and tears will pass

CCLI Song # 6622848 | Gavin Perkins | Liv Chapman | © 2013 Perkins, Gavin | Chapman, Liv |