Mighty God
Mighty God

Mighty God

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Scripture References
Old Testament - Ezekiel 34
New Testament - Matthew 26:36-46, Matthew 27:32-56, Matthew 28:1-10, Mark 14:32-42, Mark 15:21-41, Mark 16, Luke 22:39-46, Luke 23:26-49, Luke 24:1-12, John 10, John 17, John 19:1-37, John 20:1-10

Verse 1
We were scattered
Torn and tempted
All the world was in our ears
The world was in our ears

Verse 2
And we heard him
Came beside him
As we heard the Shepherd call
We heard the Shepherd call

We will remember
We will remember

We are loved by a mighty God
Hear the Shepherd he has called us home
Loved by a mighty God
We’re loved!
We’re loved!

Verse 3
He was perfect, never wavered
As he heard his Father’s call
Heard his Father’s call
How he loved us
Gave his life up
He went down into the darkness
Down into the darkness

Verse 4
He is risen
He is living
Who can steal us from his hand?
Who can steal us from his hand?

CCLI Song #7069413 | Gavin Perkins | Greg Cooper | Luke Woodhouse | © 2016 Rhinoceros Music (Admin. by Rhinoceros Publishing) | Perkins, Gavin | Woodhouse, Luke