Word In Song Day Conferences

Die Wort-im-Lied- Tageskonferenzen

Sehnst du dich nach Versammlungen, die die Wahrheiten Gottes mit Leidenschaft, Exzellenz und Integrität ausdrücken, in denen die Gemeinde vereint und mit einer Stimme das Lob Gottes verkündet? Möchtest du praktische Fähigkeiten in Musik und Gesangleitung erlernen, um deiner örtlichen Gemeinde effektiv dienen zu können?

Emus Wort-im-Lied-Konferenzen bieten bereits seit 2003 Training und Ermutigung im Musikdienst für Gemeinden in Australien, sowie Afrika, Asien und Großbritannien. Zu den Referenten gehörten u.a. Vaughan Roberts, Stuart Townend, Bob Kauflin, Mike Raiter, Michael Jensen, John Dickson, Bryson Smith und Ray Galea. 2017 haben wir unseren Online-Kurs für Gemeinden gestartet. Join us this year for the finest in evangelical music ministry training and support. Klicke hier, um bevorstehende Events in deiner Region zu finden.

Wenn du Pastor oder Musikleiter einer Gemeinde bist und eine Wort-im-Lied-Konferenz veranstalten möchtest, setze dich gerne mit uns in Verbindung.

Was Leute über unsere Wort-im-Lied-Konferenz sagen:

'Word in Song is a very practical music conference. I left the conference feeling more equipped to lead my music team at church, select songs and play my role in helping our church sing praises to our God and each other.' Brenton (Perth, Australia)

'A superb, spirit-filled day that engaged, inspired and provided practical advice'. Jane (Durham, UK)

'Six of our music group came along from our small church. We had an amazing day which immediately impacted the way we do music at church. Just wish I could have taken the whole church along!' Chris (Otley, UK)

'Great teaching, Great Music and a Great encouragement for people involved in music ministry in their local church. Look forward to EMU coming again.' James (Forbes, Australia)

'Absolutely brilliant day and so much to take away and put into practice. The whole team were so friendly and helpful. Anyone involved with Church music whether you are the one singer or part of a choir, the one organist or part of a band, the PA person or someone who only joins the choir for Christmas should definitely get to one of these conferences and learn more about music in church!' Ben (Gateshead, UK)

'The conference was very helpful and inspiring, gave me new insight into what it means to write songs for the Church and made me want to start writing myself! All Glory to God!' Elsa (Leipzig, Germany)

'Thanks for a great day. I was challenged at a heart level, was inspired to practice my craft more and encouraged that some of what we're doing is on the right track after all. I am grateful for the additional resources our church now has access to through Emu Music.' Anderson (Mt Barker, Australia)

'God-centred and extremely practical. They know what they're talking about!' Pearl (Newcastle, UK)

'We really enjoyed the 1 day Word in Song Conference; it was well planned and well executed. the highlight was the Masterclass where the layering of instruments was demonstrated; that was particularly effective. The individual workshops were also really well done - the variety was helpful, and I also appreciated the consistency of message across all the workshops and talks.' Joy (Singapore)

'I feel refreshed and inspired to be a part of bringing glory to Jesus through our church's music ministry.' Becky (Porthcawl, Wales)

'It was such an encouragement to have people from lots of different churches worshipping and learning together last weekend. The Emu team provided a well-organised, professional package, that carefully defined the reasons behind using music and song to worship God, as well as giving helpful and accessible practical advice on how to lead sung worship. I enjoyed every part of the conference and really look forward to inviting them back again in the future!' Peter (Gateshead, UK)

The Word in Song Conference is an essential conference to attend if you are in any way involved with worship on a Sunday. It caters to pastors, music leaders, musicians, and beyond. I cannot recommend it highly enough. (Karen, Indonesia)