I Long for You
I Long for You
I Long for You

I Long for You

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Scripture References
Old Testament - Psalm 23

Verse 1
When my confidence deserts me 
And my perseverance fades
When the darkness overwhelms me, Lord I look to you
Through the weight of sin and sorrow
You will teach me to rejoice
Through the fiery trials and darkest vale, I long for you 

Verse 2
When your goodness is my portion
And your blessings overflow
When your loving arms protect me, Lord I rest in you
You refresh my soul with wisdom
There is nothing that I lack 
Through the pastures green and waters still, I long for you

Verse 3
When my strength begins to falter
And my body waste away
When my earthly treasures fail me Lord, I cling to you
I will look to Christ my saviour
Where my soul is satisfied
And forever I am known and loved, within your arms 

CCLI Song # 7169079 | © 2021 Alanna Glover, Liv Chapman & Philip Percival | emumusic.com