Lift up Your Heads
Lift up Your Heads

Lift up Your Heads

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Scripture References
Old Testament - Psalm 24

Verse 1
Why should the gates of heaven be closed?
Is there no one pure?
Who can ascend the hill of the Lord?
Is there no one worthy?

Look now! Lift up your heads
The King is returning
The King is returning
Jesus, mighty to save
Riding in glory
Jesus, the conquering King

Verse 2
See how he leads the ones he has freed
From the power of sin
Joy on their face, they follow him in
The redeemed are singing

Verse 3
Open, you gates, be lifted you doors
Let the Son arise

Heaven be filled with anthems of joy
To the King of glory

 CCLI Song # 5067356 | © 2008 Michael Morrow |