And So We Sing

1: Sing alleluia to the Lord
The Christ has come into this world
Sing alleluia to the King
A Saviour born to set us free

Chorus: And so we sing oh Lord
You have offered us new life
Making daylight out of night
And so we sing oh Lord
Let the distant shores be glad
You have come into the world
And so we sing

2: Troubled times for Herod's throne
The wise men seek the shining star
The shepherds hear the news of hope
They find the Baby born to save

3: Leaving heaven for this earth
In a stable He is born
Come to make the whole world sing
Come to bring eternal joy

Bridge: Sing alleluia 
Let the nations all arise
Let the rivers clap their hands
Let the bones come back to life
Let the mountains ever stand

Words and music: Gavin Perkins, Luke Woodhouse © 2004 
CCLI Song # 4943172