Immanuel - God Has Come

1. Eternal Word, Eternal God, you left your throne above
The Father’s Son, the Virgin’s Child, you humbly dwelt with us
Fully God, fully man, in the fullness of our mess
Came to seek, came to save, all your own from sin and death

Chorus: Immanuel, God has come
Immanuel, Hope has come
Immanuel, we behold you with wonder
For death you have plundered, Immanuel

2. In every deed, every word, you were obedient
The only one, to ever live - perfect righteousness
In love you chose, to take the cup, and for all our sins atone
So you drank, bleed and died, bearing all God’s wrath alone

3. In Jesus Christ, we have died, and been raised to life
By his blood we are redeemed, we are justified
The old has gone, we are reborn, as a living sacrifice
Church arise, take up your cross, glorify our God with us

We’re the spoils of your vict’ry
Your trophies of mercy, Immanuel

© 2012 Mike Begbie & Rob Smith
CCLI Song Number:  6426219