Mighty Saviour

1: He died for us
Bore our punishment upon the cross
He took our place
He has saved us by his wondrous grace
He bore our sin
Died our death so we might live again
He gave his life
We’re forgiven through his sacrifice

Chorus: So come and praise our Mighty Saviour
Sin’s defeater, burden breaker
Risen priest and perfect sacrifice
Hallelujah! Our deliverer
Death destroyer, new life giver
King and conqueror, our Lord Jesus Christ

2: He came in love
For our sake he bore the wrath of God
He felt our curse
Took the penalty that we deserve
He wore our shame
Paid the debt for us and owned our blame
He hung on a tree
Through his suffering he set us free

3: He felt our thirst
The sin of Adam he has now reversed
He cried our tears
His compassion takes away our fears
His death, our life
Brought us out of darkness into light
His cross, our peace
To the prisoners he brings release

Words and music: Rob Smith © 2009