My Saviour's Cross

Verse 1: I see my Saviour bleeding
It chills me to the bone
I hear his cries of anguish
The pain he bears alone
And though it’s breaking my heart
to see his suffering before me
I know without it I am lost

For his body was given for me
In love on my Saviour’s cross

Verse 2: I feel it stir within me
This grace I can’t deny
There stripped of heaven’s glory
In God forsaken cry
And I can’t comprehend the depths of desolation
But in his sorrows I will trust

For my guilt and my shame there were taken
In love on my Saviour’s cross

Bridge: Oh the riches surrendered there
So that I might be free
My redeemer, you’ve ransomed my life
So I give it to thee

Verse 3: And now that it is finished
The cup of wrath is borne
And death lies there defeated
That I might die no more
Now I stand here forgiven
As his prayer there was spoken
But I am shattered by the cost
For the pride of my heart there lies broken
In love on my Saviour’s cross

For the sin that was mine there was taken
In love on my Saviour’s cross

© 2013 Rob Smith
CCLI Song Number: 7006897