Never Alone

1: We're not alone for Christ is here
Immanuel our God come near
We're not alone for to our world
Jesus has come eternal Word
And as He speaks our souls laid bare
Naked ashamed sin is made clear
And yet He clothes us in His Love
Never alone Christ is with us is with us

2: The longest walk earth's darkest day
The pressing crowd His mounting Pain
A heavy load of grief and shame
Breathless that we should breathe again
Father forgive them comes His Cry
Silence from God blackens the sky
A creeping dread in every heart
Lost in the world now God departs God departs

3: The dawn will come the sun will rise
Out of the grave we'll see hope's light
Tomb opened wide stone rolled away
Morning has come a brand new day
He isn't here the angel said
He is alive no longer dead
Our hearts are lifted souls raised high
Christ is with us Christ is our Life He's our Life

4: Never alone is now our cry
In joy in grief in lonely sin
Never alone for Christ is ours
He lives in us we live in Him
And 'til we reach that final day
When fears are gone cast far away
We'll live secure trust in His Love
Never alone Christ is with us He's with us