Nothing Else Matters

1: There is a world where love is true
A world where no-one lies
Where hate and anger are unknown
And friends don't say goodbye
A world with Jesus on His throne
And I'll be there with Him His own
Nothing else matters at all

2: There is a world with shadows gone
A world with no more night
The sun will shine through every day
And wrongs will be made right
All sin and darkness cast away
Forgiven free with Him we'll stay
Nothing else matters at all

Chorus: A hundred years is worth the wait
A thousand years will seem a day
A flash of time compared with what's to come
We'll touch we'll hear we'll taste we'll see
The wonders of eternity
Creation new we'll finally be at home

3: Our houses money dreams and plans
Are mist and nothing more
Like grass without the summer rain
They'll pass away for sure
But Christ forever is the same
And when I hear Him call my name
Nothing else matters at all