OLD Servants Of The Gospel

Chorus: As servants of the gospel
Christ's work we carry on
That through our prayer and witness
By grace we might win some
We call on every nation
To turn to Christ the Lord
Refuge in His mercy
And marvel at His love

1: Though we were undeserving
Christ died to wash us clean
He bore the Father's anger
While nailed upon the tree
In darkness and in turmoil
The judgment fell on Him
Bringing us forgiveness
That new life might begin

2: The grave could not contain Him
From death the Son broke free
Exalted by His Father
To rule eternally
And in His grace He calls us
To be His chosen church
As His holy temple
His priests to all the earth

3: Marked with His Holy Spirit
And guided by His word
Christ gathers us together
Prepares us for good works
And so with grace apportioned
We serve each others needs
Sharing in each blessing
And helping in our grief

Words and music: Bryson Smith, Philip Percival © 2002
CCLI Song # 3687240