The Bloke With Everything

1. X Box and Play station 3
Coolest stuff you'll ever see
Ninety seven DVD's
The bloke with everything

2. 20 pairs of nike shoes
Plasma screens in every room
Even had one in the loo
The bloke with everything

3. He was smart and thought of what
Happens to this stuff he'd got
When He'd die he'd lose the lot
The bloke with everything

4. So when King Jesus walked on by
He asked the question in his mind
Tell me how can I not die
And not lose everything

5. Jesus said one thing you lack
Sell it all and then come back
And follow me it's just a snack
Then you'll have everything

6. If you know Jesus as your King
It's worth more than anything
Give your all to follow Him
Cause He's worth everything
He's worth everything
He's worth everything


Nicky Chiswell, Stephen Crain © 2003
CCLI #3991778