The Heavens Sing

Verse 1: The heavens sing of Christ
Their praise resounds on earth below,
O heart arise, the tune of grace
Is life unto my soul!

Chorus: Lift your voice!
And join the angels
Join the angels’ song.
Heart, sing out!
The tune of grace is life unto my soul.

Verse 2: When I was lost and far away
A tune came to my ears
A melody that turned my heart
And stilled my raging fears.

Verse 3: This grace it lifts me from despair
It's comfort when I weep,
And when I lie encased in death
It wakes me from my sleep.

Verse 4: So may I with the angels sing
Of Christ, proclaim his word,
Until the tune of grace is heard
And sung in all the world.

© 2010 Simone Richardson & Philip Percival
CCLI Song Number: 6213264


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