The Humble One

Verse 1: In the form of God you were
From all eternity
Beloved Son you did not cling to
Divine equality
In the form of man you came
Spirit born in flesh
Living one you did not shrink from
Obedience to death

Chorus: So give us minds like our saviour Jesus
Who made himself a slave
Give us hearts like the king of heaven
Who served the ones he made
Fill us with his grace, fill us with his love
Make us like the humble one
The humble Son of God

Verse 2: We would rather rule and reign
Let others wash our feet
The selfish ones who grasp for greatness
Ignoring others’ needs
But Jesus loved us to the end
Though we were enemies
Freeing us to serve each other
Just like our servant king

Words & Music © 2014 Mike Begbie
CCLI Song Number: 7022139


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