Verse 1: Give me an undivided heart
That I might fear Your name
Teach me to walk in righteous paths
And follow in Your ways
For You are gracious and forgiving
Hear O Lord and answer me

Verse 2: Give me an undivided mind
That I might love Your word
Help me to hunger for Your voice
And know Your Spirit's sword
For You are good Your truth unchanging
Life is found in serving You

Chorus 1: Undivided
I want to live for You
Single minded
All that I say all that I do
Sanctify me
Take me and make me new
That I might live for Christ my Lord

Verse 3: Give me an undivided love
For all that You desire
Make me a living sacrifice
Ignite in me Your fire
For You O Lord are God eternal
All my ways are known to You

Chorus 2: Undivided
Counting my gains as loss
Single minded
Whatever the pain whatever the cost
Sanctify me
Help me take up my cross
And live for Him who died for me

CCLI Song # 5881312 
© 2010 Smith, Rob


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