You Chose Me

Chorus: You chose me, I did not choose you
You chose me, the Bible says it’s true
You chose me, you chose me in love
You chose me, chose me through your Son
You chose me, not for things I’ve done
You chose me, you chose me in love

1: Long before the world began
Lord, you had me in your mind
To be saved by Jesus Christ
You have made me for yourself
You have called me as your child
Now I’m holy in your sight

2: I am righteous not by works
No, it’s only by your grace
You have washed away my sins
Now you live inside my heart
And you’re helping me to trust
You are changing me within

3: And when Jesus comes again
I will thank you to your face
And I will lift my voice in praise

Words and music: Rob Smith © 2009