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As a songwriter, musician, and singer, Greg Cooper is drawn back to music every day by the unique power it has to reach inside us and speak to us in ways that other things simply cannot.

So, on 2 January 2013, the first working day of the year, Greg entered the studio with long-time collaborators Sean Carey and Andy Judd to set about making new music. The result is ‘Again and Again’ – a five track EP that traces a journey through trial, questioning, wandering, and ending with a return to the one guiding light amongst it all – our great God.

“The EP emerged from a period of great trial in my own life, where music uplifted and carried me in ways I had never experienced before,” Greg says. “I wanted to write music that might help uplift other people - to draw on my own circumstances but to try and write about truths and pain and joy that others might be experiencing too.”

Produced by Sean Carey (former guitarist for one of Australia’s most prominent rock acts, Thirsty Merc), the EP’s five songs were born in co-writing sessions in Nashville and Greg’s hometown of Sydney over a period of a year.

Track Listing
1. Again And Again
2. My Only King
3. The Way Home
4. I Don't Know
5. You Will Return