Grace Has Come CD

Grace Has Come CD

$19.95 AUD

The 13 songs in this Sovereign Grace album reflect some of the glorious eternal truths found in Paul’s letter to the Romans. In the midst of our rebellion, desperation, and longing, grace has come to us in Jesus Christ. This is a great album full of new songs for your church and personal listening.

Download free sheet music & lyrics for this album from the Sovereign Grace Ministries website.

Track Listing
The Gospel was Promised
2. Grace and Peace
3. Almighty Maker
4. Judge of the Secrets
5. Our Only Hope is You
6. A God Who Saves
7. We Praise Your Righteousness
8. Our Hope is Alive
9. Glory Awaits
10. Nothing in All the Earth
11. All Glory Be Forever
12. It's Your Grace
13. My Life is an Offering

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