See Him Coming

See Him Coming

$17.95 AUD

Emu's second live album from 2001. Featuring classic songs from Emu songwriters Rob Smith, Mark Peterson, Philip Percival, Nicky Chiswell, Bryson Smith and Steve Crain, plus new versions of ‘See Him Coming’, ‘Highest Place’ and ‘Nothing Can I Boast In’.

Receive the music book (including melody line and full piano charts) for free when you buy the digital album.

1. Hallelujah to the King of Kings
2. Jesus is our song
3. See him coming
4. How can this be?
5. Not by might
6. Christ alone
7. Loved
8. Holy
9. Nothing can I boast in
10. Highest place
11. So let us shine
12. Live for the kingdom

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