The Bethlehem Road CD

The Bethlehem Road CD

$19.95 AUD

This double CD brings together many of the songs that appeared on the four Bethlehem albums released between 1990 and 1998 — Our God Reigns (1990), Behold Your King (1992), Christ For Us (1995) and Come to the Waters (1998). It also contains one song (‘Only Jesus’) that was recorded in 2000 as a bonus track for the new edition of Christ For Us.

Our God Reigns was first released early in 1990 on cassette (remember those?). The album clearly met a need in many churches and many lives. In fact, over the years it has been deeply humbling to hear testimonies of how God has been pleased to use these songs and these recordings to bring blessing to his children and even to call some into his kingdom.

The purpose of this compilation is not only to preserve a record of these songs, but to enable God’s people – particularly those whose cassettes have long since perished – to access them, enjoy them and continue to make use of them - providing the churches of Jesus Christ with songs that proclaim God’s word and vehicles for singing his praises.

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