The Things Above (Sheet Music)
The Things Above (Sheet Music)

The Things Above (Sheet Music)

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1: Here I lay my life at the Saviour's cross
All my proudest days, now in Christ I count as loss
There upon that hill where the Blameless died
There my guilt departs as the sun dispels the night

Come and set your heart on the things above
Holding close the life to come
Fix your eyes on Christ, the saving one - risen King!
Come and find your life in him

2: Here I wait in faith for the King's return
Wearing peace and love, to his gospel holding firm
There the Glorious reigns at his Father's side
There my life is hid, in the kingdom of the light

Grace came when I had nothing

His light came when I was blind
God spoke into my darkness
His love poured into my life


Words & Music by Greg Cooper, Andy Judd & Alanna Glover
© 2016 Rhinoceros Publishing/Andrew Judd/Alanna Glover
CCLI no. 7069639



$4.95 AUD