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Verse 1
When I call you my Father
I’m reminded I’m your child
When I put a wall between us
You’re waiting on the other side
Calling out that you love me
And you want to hear my cries
You’re the patient Father listening 
To His child all the time

Verse 2
When I call you my Father 
I’m reminded I’m your child
When I question if you love me
I recall how your Son died
Jesus died for your children
To bring dry bones to life
I’m adopted to your family
My Father God and brother Christ

(‘Cause) You’re my Father and you care
You love me dearly, you’re always with me
In the darkness of a storm I will trust in you alone
Cause you’re my Father, my perfect Father

Verse 3
When I call you my Father 
I’m reminded I’m your child 
When I’m losing earthly treasures 
I hold dear the promised life
Resurrected and made new
No more darkness, just light
You will welcome all your children 
Home forever by your side

CCLI Song # 7115807 | Curtis Smith | © 2017 Smith, Curtis

Scripture References
New Testament - Matthew 6:9-13, Luke 11:2-4, Luke 15, Hebrews 2:11-15

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