Advanced Diploma of Bible, Ministry & Mission (Music Ministry)


Emu Music is partnering with Moore College to offer a music ministry stream within the Advanced Diploma of Bible, Mission and Ministry. This diploma is designed for music ministers, for those preparing and leading church services, and in fact, all who serve in music ministry and in either a lay or professional role. It will equip you with the biblical, theological and practical skills necessary to establish and maintain a vibrant church music ministry - whatever your context.

Core units are taught as weekly lectures, full or part-time, day or evening. Each music ministry unit is currently offered as a week-long intensive.

Studying at another college? Ask your college about getting credit for studying these units at Moore.

Emu’s team of lecturers for the music ministry stream include Philip Percival, Alanna Glover and Rob Smith.


Core Units
BS141 Biblical Theology
BS111 Old Testament 1
BS121 New Testament 1
CM102 Ministry and Mission 1
CT100 Doctrine 1

Music Ministry Units
CM172 Church, Music and Worship (1st-5th July, 2019)
CM132 Music Ministry Leadership (9th-13th September, 2019)
CT174 History of Christian Music Since the Reformation (February 2020)

BS102 Greek 1A and BS103 Greek 1
BS130 Reading the Bible and CM130 Leadership in Various Ministry Contexts

Graduates with the Advanced Diploma may be eligible to proceed to the second year of the College’s BD or BTh programs.

Church, Music and Worship
This unit lays the theological foundations, with practical implications, for leading a church music ministry. It comprises three applied theological components: doctrine of the church; the place and purpose of singing within the church; biblical theologies of worship and their influence on liturgy and music.

Music Ministry Leadership
This unit focuses on developing the practical skills required to effectively lead a church music ministry. It comprises three components: congregational song leading; leading a music team; planning and leading church services. It will provide a level of tailored instruction and mentoring of the individual, taking into account their particular interests and gifts, and centred around an existing role or student placement.

History of Christian Music Since the Reformation
This unit lays the historical foundations of church music within the Evangelical tradition. It comprises four components: the Reformers approach to congregational singing; the Puritans; the Evangelical hymn writers; and late 20th century developments in church music. The purpose of the unit is to allow the music minister to understand their own context within a broader historical and theological framework.

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