What is the deal with copyright for songs published by Emu?

Sheet Music

We provide sheet music either by purchase online (or on Enhanced CD). To reproduce that sheet music requires you to do so under the appropriate CCLI Photocopying license. (For special circumstances you can contact us for permission). An alternative to the CCLI license is to buy extra copies of the sheet music (or Enhanced CD). Normally we provide at least a piano score and melody line version - so a small band could easily get away with one to two scores sets.

Overhead Transparencies, Songs Sheets, PowerPoint

To reproduce the words of our songs onto Overhead Transparencies, Song Sheets, Powerpoint etc, requires your church to have a standard CCLI license.

Whatever license you are using, please make sure you record all the correct details onto the license report, namely:
Song Name eg. Consider Christ
Authors eg. Bryson Smith & Philip Percival
Sheet music publisher eg. Emu Music Australia Inc
Date eg. 1996

What about public performances and theatrical productions outside of church?

Eg. Using a song in a concert; or performing one of our kid's CDs as a musical.

Performing Rights are administered in Australia by APRA, of which Emu and its writers are members, and in the UK by PRS. (Find out about affiliate societies in other parts of the world). APRA requires a small license fee to be paid for any public performances of it's members' songs - even at non-profit performances and in schools (except in actual church services). You can apply online for a license for your ticketed or free event at the APRA website.

Performance of our sound recordings

We are happy for you to play one of our CDs within the context of a ‘normal’ Church service, without cost and without you having to ask prior permission. If you are in doubt about what a ‘normal’ church service is, please contact us.

For all other issues related to public performance of our music please download and read our Direct Licensing Policy.

Reproducing our sound recordings

You must not make copies of our sound recordings (other than for personal private use) without our permission. This includes making copies of mp3s for friends or even for your church music team to learn a song. You can purchase most of our songs either on this site or on iTunes and Amazon etc.

If you want to use one of our recordings for a public release CD or video - whether for money or for free - you must contact us first for permission.


We know that copyright is complicated! But are, of course, happy to answer any questions you may have.