Christmas Resources 2023

Whether it's getting hotter or colder in your hemisphere, Christmas is fast approaching! For some of you, it might mean things are winding down and you're about to enjoy a holiday. For others, you might be frantically planning three thousand carol services. Or perhaps you're realising you might need to get onto that Christmas shopping! Whoever you are, we've pulled together some songs, resources and gifts for the season. Most of all, we hope this collection keeps pointing you to the true and wonderful meaning of Christmas.

For listening:

Joy to the World: A Christmas Playlist
Featuring a range of artists and their Christmas classics, well-loved carols and some new songs, we hope you enjoy this playlist of Christmas songs.
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For carol services:

Need some carol inspiration?
Did you know we have three acoustic arrangements of trad carols? You can watch them on our playlist below and grab the sheet music here:

Joy To The World

O Come All Ye Faithful

Hark The Herald

Holy Is His Name
Emu Music
An upbeat rendition of The Magnificat (Mary's Song) - it would make a great and lively addition to any carols service. 
Sheet music available here.
Jesus Is His Name
Emu Music
Sheet music available here.
How Still the Starry Night
Emu Music

By Liv Chapman and Sam Brewster (of UK ministry JoyfulNoise) wrote as a meditation on the central paradox of Christmas: that such a monumental event as the incarnation should occur in such an understated way. A simple song to help us delight in the wonder and meekness of Christ! 
Chord chart available here.

Saviour In A Manger
Emu Music

Sheet music available here

Did You Know?
Emu Music
Sheet music available here.
Maker, Made a Child
Emu Music

This song reflects on Micah's prophecy in chapter 5 verse 2: "But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, though you are small among the clans of Judah, out of you will come for me one who will be ruler over Israel, whose origins are from of old, from ancient times." We hope it helps you to rejoice in God's amazing plan through history to rescue us through Jesus.
Sheet music available here.
Acoustic song leading video here

Hallelujah, Christ Is Born
Caroline Cobb

This is a lovely, folky song from Caroline Cobb's 2020 album, A Seed, A Sunrise. We love its poetic storytelling and production, and we commend the whole album as a beautiful exploration or the anticipation of Advent, the joy of Christmas, and the expectant hope of Jesus’s return.
The sheet music for the album can be purchased here.

Hope Is Alive
Ellie Holcomb

Forgive us for adding an older song, but we love this tune from Ellie Holcomb. After the last couple of years, don't we need to be reminded that our God is with us and hope is alive? We also love the energy of this song, and if you have a good rhythm section in your ensemble, we think this could work really good as an up beat Christmas item. 
Sheet music here

Emmanuel (God In the Highest)
Sovereign Grace Music

We absolutely loved 'O Come All You Unfaithful' from Sovereign Grace's 'Heaven Has Come' album. This is another great offering from that album with rich lyrics and a solid drive. 

Sheet music here

For gifts:

The Miracle In the Manger (a musical Christmas book)
Judith and Klaus Hickel

This is a great book for families to journey back in time together to witness the very first Christmas and discover afresh the wonder of the Christmas story. Paired with a song, The Miracle of Christmas, this book is a great way to help young people rejoice in Jesus' birth. Find the book, song and sheet music here. Discounts available for bulk purchases.

Here We Stand Album, Tote Bag & Guitar Picks

Our brand new album featuring the singles Apostles' Creed and Here We Stand would make a great gift. There's still time to get your hands on a physical CD if that's your preferred way to listen. Other wise you can gift a digital album or pick up some merch (who doesn't need another tote bag?!). Find the album and merchandise here

We wish you a wonderful Christmas as we sing and celebrate the birth of our Saviour Jesus. Do drop us a line at if you have any questions or concerns or would like some help crafting your carol service.

Love, the Emu team

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