Blog & Interviews

Blog & Interviews

Members and friends of the Emu team have written in a number of places about our mission and our music. This page is updated with all our most recent articles, blog pieces and interviews about what we do here at Emu Music. We hope you enjoy reading, and we'd love to hear your thoughts. Get in touch here.

Alanna Glover - February 2022
Why it Hurts When We Can't Sing
Philip Percival - April 2021

Hymn Of The Saviour - One Year On
Emilia Pickering - March 2021

Interview: A Song for a Broken World (Pp. 44-5)
Liv Chapman - June 2020

La La Land and the Gospel

Philip Percival - January 2017

How do we help visitors to sing songs they may not know?
Philip Percival - December 2016

Review: An Enthusiastic, In-Tune, Bad Singer
Ian Carmichael - October 2015

Interview: Establish a Music Ministry in Your Church Plant
Philip Percival - August 2015

I Wish I Lived in a Musical
Philip Percival - January 2013

5 Great Ways to Use Music in a Service
Philip Percival - October 2012

Worship and an Affectionate Evangelicalism
Part 1 | Part 2
Philip Percival - October 2011

The Big Three Issues in Church Music
Philip Percival - April 2011