One Of Us
One Of Us

One Of Us

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Verse 1
This is not a man made plan
That God himself should become man
The unseen has been made known
We have seen his glory

Verse 2
The One through whom all things became
The One for whom all things were made
Came to live among His own
We will tell his story

Glory to God in the highest
The light has come
To shine through the darkness
The darkness will not overcome
For our God has come to his own
As one of us

Verse 3
Flesh and bone, a man’s heart beat
He felt this earth beneath his feet
The Word who was before all time
All God’s fullness in him

Humbled himself as one of us
Died on a cross as one of us
He rose to life as one of us
Exalted on high as one of us

CCLI Song # 6424163 | © 2012 Nicky Chiswell |

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