Undergraduate Certificate in Theological Studies

Undergraduate Certificate in Theological Studies

Undergraduate Certificate in Theological Studies

Oxford University's Undergraduate Certificate in Theological Studies (CTS) is designed to give students a grounding in Christian ministry and theological study. This course provides an excellent framework for ministerial preparation, being both academic and practical, and can be taken either full-time for one year or part-time over two years.

In 2020 Emu will be teaching a new worship leadership intensive within the Christian Worship unit at Wycliffe Hall. See details below.

Course Structure

Core Papers
Introduction to Old Testament
Introduction to New Testament
The History of the Church
Introduction to Christian Doctrine

Two Additional Papers From
Christian Worship (including Worship Leadership*)
Christian Ministry (including Youth Ministry)
Christianity in the Contemporary World (including Mission, Evangelism and Issues in Science and Faith)
Christian Faith and Philosophy
Biblical Greek (no prior knowledge required)
Biblical Hebrew (no prior knowledge required)

*Worship Leadership

In the Worship Leadership intensive we will cover two main areas:

1. Church, Music and Worship
The theological foundations, with practical implications, for leading a church music ministry, particularly thinking through the place and purpose of singing within the church.

2. Worship Leadership
Our focus will be on developing the practical skills required to effectively lead a church music ministry and will comprise three components: congregational song leading, leading a music team, and planning and leading church services.

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