Living By Faith

Living by faith in our Lord Jesus Christ
Walking by faith in what eyes cannot see
Willing to suffer in all kinds of trials
Kept by God's power 'till glory's revealed
Nothing reduces or spoils our trust
So much more precious than silver or gold
Faith when re-fined grows more focused in us
We are forgiven and this is faith's goal
Faith is the means by which grace saves our souls

Living by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ
Hope that was born when He gave us new birth
We've been redeemed at a measureless pric
His precious blood has brought life to the earth
So our inheritance never can fade
Never can spoil neither perish nor die
Our priceless ransom is already paid
Christ's resurrection is death crucified
Our hope is anchored in God the most high

Living by love in the family of God
Love that is pure and comes deep from within
Walking the path that our Savior has trod
Gladly submitting repenting of si
Casting our cares on the Father in prayer
Humbling ourselves under God's mighty hand
Suffering disgrace for the name that we bare
Keeping awake for by faith we must stand
Waiting in hope for the grace God has planned


Don Carson, Rob Smith © 2005
CCLI #4641364