1 Corinthians 13
1 Corinthians 13

1 Corinthians 13

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'Cause love is patient love is kind
Keeps the other one in mind
It is not rude and does not boast
Never doubts but ever hopes
It always seeks to make amends
Ever faithful to the end
It's the love
That flows from God's own sacrifice
The love of God in Jesus Christ

Verse 1
I can speak in tongues of men
And angels all day long
But without love
I'm just a noisy sounding gong
And I can prophesy and speak
Of mysteries sublime
But without love
It's just a waste of precious time

Verse 2
I can give away my wealth
My body to the flames
But without love
You know there's nothing to be gained
And even with the kind of faith
To make a mountain move
God's word reminds me
I am nothing without love

Faith hope and love these three
Are for eternity
But in His face we'll see
The greatest thing is love

CCLI Song # 3400207 | Rob Smith | © 2000 Smith, Rob | emumusic.com

Scripture References
1 Corinthians 13