All His People
All His People

All His People

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Verse 1
In our weakness you have given strength
By your mercy you have given grace
We were bought by Jesus’ precious blood
The greatest show of love

Holy is the Lord who reigns
And the God who goes unchanged
All his people praise his name 
Holy is the Lord, the God of grace

Verse 2
Each of us was formed within your hands
All our days are written in your plan
Though we wander far you are still there
You know us and you care

Your name alone will be exalted
Your splendour far beyond the heavens
Your kingdom will endure forever 
O God, holy is your name

No CCLI Number| James West 

Scripture References
Old Testament - Psalm 30, Psalm 96, Psalm 99, Psalm 145, Psalm 148
New Testament - 2 Corinthians 12:1-10

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