Come And Reign
Come And Reign

Come And Reign

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Verse 1
Lord, we come crushed and broken
Lord, we come in time of need
Lord, we come for you have spoken
And ever live to intercede

Come and reign in us we pray
Make us strong when we’re afraid
Help us stand firm in our faith to the end

Reign, King Jesus, reign in mercy
Hear us now, we pray
Reign in power for your glory
Reign in us today

Verse 2
Lord, we come sorely tempted
Lord, we come full of doubt
Lord, we come for you have promised
That you will never cast us out

Come and shield in us this hour
In our weakness show your power
Be our fortress and our tower, come and reign

CCLI Song # 6426288 | © 2012 Rob Smith |

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