Depending On Your Righteousness
Depending On Your Righteousness

Depending On Your Righteousness

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I’m depending on your righteousness
Trusting in your truthfulness
I’m believing in your faithfulness
In Jesus Christ our Lord

I will lean upon the cross of Christ
Glory in his sacrifice
For his blood was shed to pay the price
And justify us all.

Verse 1
There is no one righteous
No one who understands
Not a one who seeks for God
Or keeps his law’s commands
So there will be silence
Before his judgment throne
For our only hope is in
A righteousness that’s not our own

Verse 2
For there is no difference
Each one has fallen short
God has freely set us free
Our redemption he has bought
He did it all to demonstrate
His perfect righteousness
For he has justly justified
Unjust believers like ourselves

CCLI Song # 3400245 | © 2001 Rob Smith |

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