Don't Fear
Don't Fear

Don't Fear

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Verse 1
Don’t fear the world
He’s overcome
Don’t fear the schemes of man
He reigns above

Verse 2
Don't fear the dark
His word’s our light
Don’t fear the sting of death
Our God’s alive

Our God he reigns, he won’t forsake us
And he will come again, he will come again
Our God he lives, he will not fail us
And he will take us home, he will take us home

Verse 3
In times of trial
He’s in control
In times of fear and doubt 
He won’t let go

Your sovereign hand will hold us
We won’t fear, we won’t fear
Your goodness goes before us
We’ll trust you, we’ll trust you
Your faithfulness surrounds us
We won’t fear, we won’t fear
You’ll come again to save us
We’ll trust you

Chorus 2
Our God you reign, you won’t forsake us
And you will come again, you will come again
Our God you live, you will not fail us
And you will take us home, you will take us home

CCLI Song # 7115561 | Curtis Smith | James West | Liv Chapman | © 2018 Smith, Curtis | Chapman, Liv

Scripture References
Old Testament - Psalm 119
New Testament - John 16:25-33, Revelation 22

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