Each Day I Live
Each Day I Live

Each Day I Live

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Verse 1
In darkness I once walked the road that led to death
And to the world I bowed and gave my every breath
Then to the earth He came to seek and save the lost
But I yelled ‘crucify’ and nailed Him to the cross
Bound by my sin and shame
I call upon His name

Each day I live safe in His grace
The King of Kings died in my place
Each day I stand set free from sin
My King is crowned, I live in Him

Verse 2
I see the empty tomb, the sting of death undone
My broken life is gone, I’m risen in the Son
A slave of righteousness, no longer bound by sin
I give up all I have, to serve the Servant King
One with the crucified
For by His death I died

Verse 3
And then the day will come, we’ll see our risen Lord
In all His majesty, and we will be restored
In robes of righteousness we’ll stand
before His throne
Our hope at last unveiled, adopted as His own
One with the risen King
For evermore we’ll sing:

Alternate Chorus
Each day we live safe in His grace
The King of Kings died in our place
Each day we stand set free from sin
Our King is crowned we’ll live with Him

CCLI Song # 6622831 | Gavin Perkins | Liv Chapman | © 2013 Perkins, Gavin | Chapman, Liv | emumusic.com

Scripture References
New Testament - Matthew 5:17  Matthew 28:1-10, Mark 16, Luke 19:10, Luke 24:1-12, John 1, John 20:1-10, Romans 6, Revelation 5

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