Everlasting (2001)
Everlasting (2001)

Everlasting (2001)

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Verse 1
From the moment of creation
to the present day
Your divinity and power
are here on display
And the history of your people
shows us loud and clear
That your faithfulness endures on and on

From everlasting to everlasting
From everlasting, You are God

Verse 2
There is nothing that compares,
there’s nothing that comes near
And all wisdom starts and ends
by holding you in fear
And your foolishness is greater
than our wisest thought
There’s no doubt you are the one true God

Verse 3
From the moment of creation
to the present day
You are building here a people
who will praise your name
Yes, you seek and save the lost
and bring hope from despair
Every tribe and every tongue will sing

CCLI Song # 3391536 | © 2001 Nicky Chiswell | emumusic.com

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