Fully God, Fully Man
Fully God, Fully Man

Fully God, Fully Man

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Fully God fully man
That's the truth we must understand
Son of God Son of Man
Jesus came God's rescue plan
Fully God and fully man

Verse 1
(Well) He healed the sick
And forgave their sin
Called the people to follow Him
To some He was King
To some He was mad
But they all asked who is this man

Verse 2
(Well) He calmed the storm
And He raised the dead
Fed the thousands with fish and bread
The people were stunned
The people could see
He spoke with such authority

Verse 3
(Well) The friend of sinners
Who did not sin
God inside our human skin
But He died for us
And He rose again
So trust in Him and you'll be saved 

CCLI Song # 4763132 | Paul Sheely | © 2006 Emu Music Australia, Inc. (Admin. by Emu Music Ltd)| emumusic.com

Scripture References
Mark 2, Mark 5, Mark 6:30-44, Mark 8:27-30, Philippians 2:1-12

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